Dreamy and Concrete Plans for a Feminist&Queer Occupation

19 Dec

We had a wild meeting Saturday, and decided to meet up again this week on Thursday 6-8pm at the Oakland Library Downtown Branch.

Main Library
125 14th St (at Madison)
West Auditorium (in the basement)
Until then, here you see the results of a collective brainstorm about what an feminist and queer occupation could hold — both big dreamy plans (that would take a lot of people working together) and concrete plans (that individuals present at the meeting could personally execute!)


    • Neighborhood newspaper from a feminist&anti-racist point of view
    • Libraries
    • Community kitchen
    • Safe-space; skill shares, workshops, reading groups, survivor support, discussion groups
    • Feminist press/zine making
    • Housing in the space; who would live there? People looking for housing who would contribute to the fixing of the space
    • Biking community; meet together to walk people home; buddy system
    • A house that combines people and is open to different communities, multi-generational, a large garden, art and music
    • A space for queer youth to do their own projects
    • Skillshare on construction and plumbing
    • build community with women & children in the neighborhood
    • Activity centered around events for younger children
    • Workshops and reading groups
    • Quiet space and study space
    • Space for concrete political actions are organized, which are public and publicized
    • Produce texts
    • Film screenings
    • Book binder; make our own books for the library
    • Resource list of free services (health care etc.)
    • Creating a mutual aid network
    • Survivor support group
    • Computer classes
    • Plumbers
    • Discussion groups to deal with emotional stuff and re-education
    • Discussion groups that strategize and analyze the current situation
    • Heat
    • Do a lot of outreach in the street and in the area


    • Craft space/ arts space; workshops; dark room
    • Feminist press
    • Reading groups
    • Women/trans health care on the alternative health side and medic side
    • Free Skool Class: DIY Vagina Care; Free Skool Children’s Free Autonomous Education
    • Getting internet, electricity, power in the space
    • Power tools and building
    • Self-defense
    • Skill shares on bike repair, fixing stuff, facilitating art stuff
    • Massage table
    • Duala skills in abortion
    • Organic gardening, physical labor, whatever’s needed
    • Press work
    • Difficult dialog, facilitate conflict discussions
    • Helping people figure out how to get things done that they want to get done; can teach drumming ; trained therapist
    • Speaks Spanish, translator
    • links to Gay Men’s Health Collective, free HIV tests
    • Crafty things, radical metal health and trauma support
    • Artsy stuff
    • Writing stuff
    • a literacy-inclusive group
    • baby story time
    • Film, promotional video, press, train people in shooting and editing
    • Librarian, crisis counselor, offset printing press
    • Building websites
    • Facilitation
    • graphic design skillshare

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