Occupy Patriarchy MOVE IN MEETING Thursday 1/26

25 Jan

NEXT Oak Occupy Patriarchy meeting Thursday 5pm in West Oakland! Email us at oaklandoccupypatriarchy [at] gmail for address.
1. preparations for Queer/Feminist Block during march leading up to move-in
2. Move-IN prep
3. Updates on feminist/queer Literature , Panels, and Discussion for Move-In festival


ALSO we will start out with the discussion we didn’t get to last week, beginning with:

Why do you think that we need a seperate organizing space for Women, Trans and Queer people only?

We will also be discussing “point of unity” number two, if we have time:

Women, Trans people, Queers, Fags, Dykes, need a space that is OURS because we are marginalized, harassed, and attacked in other spaces all the time. We do not all have the same needs and desires, and our relationships with one another are structured by the intensified oppression of people of color, trans people and poor folks. However we think that we can sup- port and increase our power by working with each other.

Hope to see you there!


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