OOP Mayday Planning Meetings::fiercely fighting against Capitalism, White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Colonialism!

4 Apr

There is a War being waged on Women, Trans, and Queer people, particularly those of color. This year has begun with a shit-storm of disgusting laws being proposed and passed nationwide to limit women’s access to abortions and birth control. In some states, politicians (usually old white men) are going so far as making it legal for doctors to withhold information about health risks related to pregnancy. In other words, politicians would prefer women to die than to have abortions.

But lets not be so shocked, we live in a world where Capitalism, Patriarchy and White Supremacy wages a constant war on Women, trans and queer people, particularly those of color. We live in a world where we are criminalized for not having babies, yet we are provided with no childcare, and little to no welfare assistance; where affordable childcare means wealthy mothers paying poor and immigrant woman (usually of color) a barely livable wage to raise their children; where being an “out” queer or trans person can mean inability to get a job, safe shelter, or even survive. Where being raped or assaulted means either suffering in silence or utilizing a criminal “justice” system that only works for our enemies; where calling the police to keep yourself safe from an assaulter can mean men in uniform raping you again; where defending yourself against trans-phobes can mean the “justice” system charging you with murder (Solidarity with Cece MacDonald.)

White supremacy is born out of racist attacks on women (e.g. the islamophobic murder of Shaima Alawadi and the daily targeted budget cuts on resources most utilized by poor mothers of color) and it is also born out of the usage of women and queers as a justification for racist state violence (e.g. the state attempting to justify Kenneth Harding’s murder by police by claiming he was a pimp and misogynist.) We must destroy this double-edged sword of capitalist society from the root up!

So, this Mayday, we are adamantly making it clear that Enough is Enough!! This Mayday we, as women, trans and queer people are coming together, in anger and fierceness, to fight against Capitalism, White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Colonialism. We refuse to remain invisible or be silent victims to these systems. This mayday we will fight for a world where no one will control our bodies or lives but ourselves!

 Come join us on Sundays at 5pm at 19th and Telegraph to plan for Mayday!

If you cannot make it and have ideas for Mayday, email us at oaklandoccupypatriarchy@gmail.com


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