Occupy Child Protective Services on MAY 1st GENERAL STRIKE

22 Apr


Come out on May Day to SHUT DOWN this horribly oppressive  institution that doesn’t give a fuck about  children or parents!

We cannot only block capital in spaces of waged labor, but also in the capitalist, racist, patriarchal reproduction of social life! STRIKE EVERYWHERE!

When: May 1st 8:30 AM
Where: CPS 401 Broadway — near Jack London Square.

See you there.

.. why occupy CPS?

Despite the good intentions of some workers in the agency, Child Protective Services (CPS) is not what it claims. It does not do us a service, it does not protect our children, it does not create healthy environments for them. CPS is designed to enforce a so-called “normal” model of the family, actively punishing those of us who do not comply with the capitalist, patriarchal, racist, white supremacist ideal of what a family should look like. CPS is used to scare and punish people who threaten or fight the system.

CPS targets the poor, people of color, single mothers, queer, and non-gender-conforming parents and kids

  • CPS is notorious for targeting poor single mothers.
  • When children are removed from their homes, they are taken into group homes, where underpaid, over worked and under trained “care” providers are responsible for them; in ratios of about 10 to 1. Children who have never before experienced abuse are often abused by other children who have; or by overworked employees and have no way back to there families, or into foster care until a judge decides there fate–often months later. Those who are eventually placed into foster care are often  are often physically or sexually exploited by selfish fucks just trying to get some extra money out of the situation.
  • Also, the mere fact of being a queer, trans* or gender-nonconforming parents can get child services called on a family — if, for example, a homophobic or transphobic school counselor gets wind, CPS can be called.
  • Children are also more likely to be displaced if they are queer or trans*, and the truth is CPS is NOT likely to place children in foster care with queer or trans* parents! This reinforces the homophobic ciscentric idea of the family, and endangers queer and trans* youth.
  • Finally, the mere fact of being black or brown, poor, and a parent, will result in heightened scrutiny and policing from CPS — CPS is a racist institution and enforces its violent rules primarily on people of color. A middle class white mother, and even a queer white middle class couple, will not be treated the same by CPS as a poor African American single parent, period, and this is how institutional racism is reproduced.

Occupy Patriarchy will fight back

Feminists, queers, and trans* people who have been organizing within the Occupy movement since the beginning started Oakland Occupy Patriarchy to support each other as we organize against racism and patriarchy and gender oppression, both within our movement and within the greater capitalist society. We recognize that capitalism, patriarchy and racism are mutually dependent and we want to end them all in favor of a better world for all of us. Our action against Child Protective Services on May Day is part of our struggle.

Many of us at Occupy Patriarchy have direct experience of CPS’ oppression. We are fed up with CPS and are determined to expose its repressive actions and to continue to build a community to fight it. On May 1st, The day of a new GENERAL STRIKE, we will occupy CPS. We will gather at the CPS office on 4th and Broadway in downtown Oakland at 8:30. We invite and call in all who share our critique, our anger, our oppressions, our experiences, and our revolutionary spirit to join us.

9 Responses to “Occupy Child Protective Services on MAY 1st GENERAL STRIKE”

  1. Wiseman April 23, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    Don’t forget, children are 5 times more likely to DIE in CPS custody than with birthparents. They are 12 more times likely to be RAPED by adults who are “caring for them” and the system makes TRILLIONS a year through the ASFA act in expediting adoptions from CPS kidnappings. This is child trafficking by the very worst side of the American government.

    • Michael May 11, 2012 at 11:05 pm #


      • Michael May 11, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

        Oh, I see it is below, never mind

  2. Wiseman April 23, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    Facts on CPS corruption and murders of children. Kids safer with their parents than with CPS: http://familyrightsassociation.com/bin/white_papers-articles/dorothy_never_coming_home/

  3. alexeneshore April 27, 2012 at 1:59 am #

    UMMMM. Because my school mate was NOT protected in society, she was blown up by her father in 1980,BECAUSE my friend in Fresno WAS not protected, she was raped by her FLESH and BLOOD father, and I have another friend in petaluma that was raped by her REAL father…Kids were NOT protected when I was growing up, and in foster homes as well..LETS BE HONEST, evil predators are EVERYWHERE, church, neighborhoods, schools..it may be a shitty system, but I rather have SOME place to call for help then not. You are occupying the wrong government service! try D.M.V., or the “building department! or Fish and game,F.D.A., F.B.I, “bohemian club/grove” Labor board, these are HUGE areas or corruption! I was there when WE occupied the port of oakland BUT, this is just fucking stupid!!! let me talk to your “leader/s”!!!!!

    • Huck April 28, 2012 at 3:55 am #

      every inch of society is infected with satanic evil shit mate. It’s up to the individuals to stand up and speak up, to discern when they feel soemthing ain’t right……………….it’s everywhere. Family court system is where major attacks on the family is wheeled out to the rest of the system or I should say ‘feeds’ the rest of other systems. Trauma and abuse must continue as that’s what many jobs in modern society rely on. Social workers, court workers, counsellors, nurses, mental health nurses, police (pigs), admin workers, etc, etc, etc……..

    • wallywoods May 10, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

      As a father that was one of the 6 victims of CPS (Or as they call them here, Children’s Services (AKA Anti-Family Services), I have to say, I disagree, this is not what it was set up for, it has become a hell hole designed to destroy lives.


      (My letter to the Judge Lee)

  4. CWS May 1, 2012 at 4:09 am #

    Family Court and Juvenile Court are two separate entities. The Juvenile Court, which governs CPS, had nothing to do with the stay away order against Kerie Campbell – that was straight up custody BS perpetuated by her ex-husband . . . Wiseman, you got any stats that are less than 14 years old? Specifically, stats since California Redesign. I’m not hating, it’s just that if you’re gonna educate folks, make it reliable.

  5. Greg May 8, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    There is corruption in every system nothing is ever perfect, the good news is that we can change it too and for the peoples favor without violence or making peoples lives worse than they are, i get where your comming from. I want the FDA gone and cures instead of treatments too but capitalism is NOT the problem, it’s Crony capitalism and Neo liberalism thats the problem. You go to communism or socialism you may as well move to china, cuba or venezuela from what i hear it’s no nicer or freer over there, especialy in china where you got cops watching you every time you look in their direction.

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