OCCUPY CPS new flyers and posters

25 Apr

Posters and flyers — each have a version with profanity (‘fuck’) and without. 😉





2 Responses to “OCCUPY CPS new flyers and posters”

  1. Angela Young April 26, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    It is a sad state of affairs when a child’s life can be destroyed over someone else’s extreme standards, when even parental excellence is a threat to the system. Angela Young

    CPS continues to destroy loving families. I had raised my daughter as a “Spock baby,” a label that Rochelle Lieberman had included in her 52 page report concluding that I was an abusive parent when I “wouldn’t allow my daughter to watch the news on TV.” As the mother of this child, I raised this child as if she were a gift from God, refraining from ingesting toxins such as caffeine, salt, sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives when I was pregnant, to reading and practicing good parenting advice from professional child psychologists, such as those by Dr. Benjamin Spock. On page 24 of the CPS Report, Rochelle Lieberman calculatingly writes that I am “…an otherwise good mother.” Within a year of the order to remove my daughter, I had submitted 12 character references by mothers whom had written that they would entrust me with their children over any of their other friends. These references had disappeared from my file within one week of submission. The CASA, Bonnie Pendleton, was sexually involved with the father. Yet, my daughter and I were forbidden to have contact for 10 years. CPS destroys children’s lives. As a volunteer monitor, I can see that CPS continues to destroy lives, nearly 20 years later. Below is a quote by my daughter, a letter by a mom who is currently going through this fight, and my response as her monitor. I am ready to see reform in California, for the childrens’ sakes.

    “When I was just six years old, I was taken from my loving mother, and the only home I had ever known, by CPS and the Betty Lou Lamoreaux Justice Center Judges in 1996—I was forbidden to see her again or return to my home for the next ten years. For the next few years, lying in a field at my elementary school crying to the sky, “Mama!” became a common occurrence. During those ten years and through numerous letters I had written to the court in my beginning handwriting skill, pleading with the courts to allow me to see my mother, and having no response to my letters, my mother was making over 250 requests to modify the orders, without success. She was finally able to borrow enough money to see me every other Sunday for three hours in the month of July of 2003. During this time, I told my mother of my three suicide attempts, and of course, she cried. The court appointed monitor who was in love with my father, then immediately pathologized her tears and reported to the court that my mother continued to have clinical depression, yet she was never diagnosed with clinical depression. We were again forbidden to see each other for several years after that, until 2005, when I began to exert my will, by running away and returning to my mother. Although I had been brainwashed into believing that my mother was irresponsible and had abandoned me, returning to her was a risk I would take to get away from my abusive environment. CPS then told my mother that she would be “put in jail,” if I were to live with her without the court’s permission, so I went to a shelter. This experience was traumatic for me. But the pain didn’t end there. Between the time that I had told my mother about my suicide attempts in 2003 and three years later, my mother’s health had deteriorated considerably. It’s now evident that she will be unable to return to the physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy mother that she was in before CPS had separated us. I do not want this to happen to Michelle and Angelo Christian. I am now 23 years old and continue to suffer from the separation, and have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Please spare Angelo and his mother from this kind of pain.”

  2. Angela Young April 26, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Jonathan: It is a sad state of affairs when a child’s life can be destroyed over someone else’s extreme standards, when even parental excellence is a threat to the system. Angela Young

    Hi Chelle,

    I hope you’re able to find someone who can monitor for those times you mentioned you didn’t have one. And, I’m hopeful that the judge will lift the monitoring requirement altogether on March 1. But, having experience with the system, I encourage you to keep the focus on your positive parenting skills, but without making any pointed statements. I would refrain from asking the sisters to state that you’re “the cooperative one,” but instead ask them to state that you’ve been cooperative. Although the court system isn’t fair nor just, at this time, your focus should be on having more time with Angelo instead of trying to show the judge that you are the better parent. It hurt me when I went through this; it hurt me when the facts proved that I was the better parent when Petra attempted suicide three times while in her father’s “care,” and it hurts to know that the system still just doesn’t care.

    So, unfortunately, I recommend playing their “game.” They have the power and will use it to destroy you and Angelo, if you try to correct them. I don’t want to see Angelo and you destroyed in the same way that the system destroyed Petra and me. I want you and Angelo to have every chance to have the relationship that God intended, and your agency can be a testimony in faith. Sometimes letting evil win is the only way to survive when it’s rampant and overpowering. If I hadn’t fought back, I may have had the chance to have a loving relationship with my daughter. Please learn from my case. We’ll have our day of reckoning someday, but maybe not in this lifetime.

    I want you to have the chance in this lifetime. I will continue to support you and Angelo in this way. I hope the sisters will support you in this way too. We aren’t celebrities who can afford to buy justice. We, as ones who are impoverished, must often succumb to evil and let go. When Angelo is old enough, you can explain the reasons why you conceded and were forced to accept the orders of the court. If you avoid vilifying Jon and focus on representing yourself as a “good” parent, Angelo will be more likely to accept your explanation, when he becomes inquisitive. Because of the current order and no abuse has been substantiated, it will be more difficult to obtain custody of Angelo if you, not Angelo, speaks up about any future abuse. In more than a million cases per year across the U.S., in cases where no abuse has been substantiated, the court will still remove the child(ren) from the home.

    It’s not right, but it’s the way it is. Until the juvenile laws change and transparency becomes a reality in the court system, a child can and is most often removed from a loving home, and the system currently has immunity for any wrongdoing. The court can remove a child without any evidence or proof of abuse, or only a suspicion. They have removed children for the slightest reasons: a dirty home, bruises from playing sports or roughousing, torn clothes, living in the wrong area, parents losing a job…and the heartbreaking list goes on. In my case, a psychologist reported that I had been abusive when I wouldn’t let Petra watch the news on TV. In many cases, none of the physical iniquities matter. A discriminating social worker can take a child from a home for no reason, other than he or she dislikes you. So, please take my advice. It couldn’t hurt. I want only the best for you and Angelo.

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