Real Stories of CPS: Account#2

26 Apr

My coworkers [at a group home] were all women, many single moms, mostly women of
color. On my first shift, I was reprimanded by my coworkers for holding a
crying baby–because they couldn’t give all the babies physical
comfort–they didn’t want them to expect it.

I made a dollar over minimum wage, had no experience caring for abused
children, and worked long hours. We were not made aware of the
circumstances that led the children to be in CPS custody or of any special
needs they had. All we knew of the children, we learned from their
stories, rumors, or sneaking peaks at the forbidden files.

Two children who were healthy, happy and well cared for, were in the group
home for a month–children can’t be placed back home or otherwise without
a judges order–they were removed because both parents where intoxicated
when the cops arrived. The police were called by a neighbor–apparently
the parents were outside arguing.

Children with behavior challenges were often mistreated as a result of
overworked, unsupported staff; who are unequipped to deal with extreme
behavior–being in challenging situations with out any tools to deal. I
think, for the children, this further enforces harmful ideas of being
damaged, broken and unlovable.

The food was unhealthy, and no attention was paid to food allergies unless
they where too severe to ignore. There was no awareness of cultural beliefs
practices and customs and no special care for sick children. Kids who had
never been in an abusive situation were often abused by children who had
suffered from physical, psychological and sexual trauma.



One Response to “Real Stories of CPS: Account#2”

  1. Dont Worry About It. May 1, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

    Protest CPS Hawaii then. In Alameda County babys do not go to Group Homes. Thats ridiculous. First to family, and if no family to foster homes until parents get them back or they will be adopted out (family first) if they dont. For every case you guys are protesting FOR, there are about 100 cases in which CPS intervenes due to burnings, sexual molestation, physical abuse, and the list goes on and on. Know who you are protesting first. Alameda County CPs is probably the most progressive CPS out there….we have the first and best program for our youth in the country, and the 3 top exec. positions are held by African American women, one of which was herself a former foster youth. Dont be idiots.

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