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12 Jul


a weekly self defense and strength training class for trans people, queers and women.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we put together a time, a place, and a group of people for a weekly class in which we can develop an offensive feminist position.

The point of this class is to learn how to fight; why we would need to do this is obvious: the queer bashers, the rapists, the cat callers, the stalker boyfriends, the transphobes, the police, and ultimately this whole society that claims we are physically weaker, and less capable of protecting ourselves and one another than the designated patriarchs. The grim reality of this systematic infantalization stares us in the face—we are murdered, raped and attacked on an astronomical level making it clear that the patriarchal “protectors” are not that at all. In the private realm of violation and abuse, we know that they are often times the same people we are supposedly being “protected” from: our enemies. In this society both public and private violence is erased from virtually any form of conversation and really any acknowledgement at all no matter how completely blatant it may be. The token state and non-profit intervention is simply for appearances sake- we are the only ones who can defend ourselves and one another.

We know that carrying pepper spray isn’t enough if we don’t know how to use it, we know that a 1 day workshop on how to fight off of an attacker cannot be wrought into the memory of all who take it without continued practice of those defensive methods.

So, we invite you to come to our self defense classes- work out- build up your muscles, learn how to fight and ultimately build an offensive feminism with a group of people who you will hopefully come to learn from and trust.



strength training


punching, blocking, kicking with gloves, bags, etc.

collective scenarios of confrontation

practicing agressive verbal confrontation, and/or deescalation.

eventually…sparring. sparring will only be done with gloves and other protective gear, after attending the training a certain number of times. anyone interested in sparring must bring the person they would like to spar with (ideally someone you have affinity with), who also will need to attend a certain number of trainings.


if you are a member of the collective, you will bottom-line trainings and classes for a month.

you will be respectful of everyone who attends the sessions, and structure the space in an anti-authoritarian format.

you will offer encouragement, and strive to make the space as accessible and safe as possible.

you will ask permission before you touch anyone

– who: women, queer, trans


– zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism

– we will respect everyone who shows up to the space with good intentions

– we understand and respect that everyone has different skill sets and strengths

– we intentionally do not operate with the format of instructor and student, in order to foster self-awareness and self-discipline. we are all teachers, we are all students

– we remember that we are all here to fight a common oppression and while competition is somewhat inevitable that is not the focus of this group.Comraderie and collective self defense is far more pressing then any one individuals desire to seem better then others.

The Dojo it’s self has quite a bit of equipment. It is a very large space that we feel can accommodate quite a few folks.
That being said, some wheelchairs can get through the front door though there is construction going on outside. The bathroom is not ADA compliant and is hard for people in chairs to get into.

Things to Bring:
running shoes,
sun screen, hat,
5 dollars for donation if you can,
work out clothes,
a water bottle
whatever else you feel you will need.

This event is donation based i.e free, but it does cost approximately 50 dollars each use. Whatever participants can donate will be greatly appreciated,but please don’t feel pressured to shell out money you need!

We hope to see you at this exciting event and bring a friend if you want!